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Chief Executive Officer

Ok Lifecare is progressing and prospering at a phenomenal rate. It seemed only yesterday that we started with a handful of direct sellers and today we have already completed 6 Successful years. We have come a long way since 2016. With visionary and great leaders showing us the path, we have established ourselves as the first Indian Direct Selling company to bring world class premium products at affordable price. We at Ok Lifecare have always focused on giving our best to our leaders, firstly our products, our compensation plan and the best management team, we respect the value and faith and commitment you have in OK Lifecare. It's a pleasure to see you all grow up the success ladder in Ok Lifecare. We want you to make success a habit and grow continuously. We want you to fight for your ambitions and achieve your goals. We want you to create a better lifestyle for yourself and your family if you are ready to fight for it.